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Auto updating downloaded playlists

Auto updating downloaded playlists

Is there an option in settings to have Spotify auto update newly added tracks to downloaded playlists? Right now it looks like Spotify has to be open in the foreground on my Google Pixel in order to add newly added tracks to downloaded playlists. I have my settings set to download over WiFi only but even when I'm adding tracks to my downloaded playlists and I'm on WiFi, using the app on a computer, they don't automatically download to my phone until I open the Spotify app on my phone. Google play music just downloads them right away regardless if the app is running in the foreground on my phone or not. Any ideas? 

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Hey @hullcody!


For now, you'll need to open the app and have it connect to an active internet connection for the playlists to update.


We'll be sure to pass your feedback on this to the right team though.


Feel free to give us a shout if you need help with anything else. We're always here to help.

Hi, so once connected it will automatically download any new tracks to the downloaded playlist?  Please confirm.


Thank you

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