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Automatically log out and can't log in again!!

Automatically log out and can't log in again!!

My spotify app in samsung phone was automatically logged out 2 days ago. I hav been trying to log in again and again since that time. 

Even trying to create new account and log in but it still does not work at all. 


The error message is appeared that ......"You appear to be trying to log into Spotify from a different country". 


Yes, I travelled from the UK to Thailand now since 2 weeks ago, but it just did happen 2 days ago. I have no idea how to solve this problem.


Please help...thanks!

4 Replies

Having same issue, something is wrong with app on google store. I just played for premium yesterday and now I can't even use the app

I found a solution thread for this problem that said I should change my country at, which I tried to do but it seems to be locked and I cannot change country. Even trying to log in with my friend's account, whose travelling together with me, but she is still able to use the app normally on her devices. 



If you’re a Free customer, remember you can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days at a time. Unfortunately spotify is not available in Thailand so you won't be able to change your profile country to continue listening there.



I am a premium user(Family Package). I travelled from Malaysia to Maldives. I am facing the same issue. Cannot login to my account and unable to change country(Its locked). Other members using spotify in malaysia are fine. Its just my account. Pls help.



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