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Available Offline automatically unchecks?

Available Offline automatically unchecks?

On my Note 4 when I check the available offline switch it downloads all my songs and then just unchecks itself.  I have gone and removed all of my available offline devices.  I have uninstalled the app multiple times, cleared the cache, and I have 23 gbs of space left on my device.  Can anyone help me figure out how to solve this problem?

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Still no answer, I'm unsubscribing from premium. This is ridiculous.

Same here, offline switch keeps unchecking itself with no reason and all the songs are gone. Got really tired of redownloading them over and over again, there must be some other solution as reinstalling the app or a clean install does not solve the problem

Same problem here, it is very annyoing and needs to be fixed.

I see many complaints about this on Community. I have the same problem. With no reason sometimes it lost the Offline mark, only on Android phone, not on Windows laptop.


It takes ages to download 1,275 tracks again and probably it will then say I have used all my devices and refuces to download a thing. So I need to go Spotify site to reset all my devices and then it is more than ages on my 1 Mbit/s Internet connectionm because of huge 2 downloads of 1,275 tracks in 320 kbps, 11 GB of each. So I need 52 hours to download 22GB stuff back.


Please fix!


To find download time on your connection


I need even few moments to download this simple track 3:29 minutes, so why they don't fix bugs? Gladly it never happened now for a long time...


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