BMW ConnectedDrive


BMW ConnectedDrive

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I have the following:

BMW 330e /w connected drive (2018) and no pending SW updates

Samsung s8 (no pending SW updates)


With the following problems:

The onboard spotify app - Changing to next song gives random song

The spotify menu is working 50% of the time

The app disconnects every 20min(requires app and BT restart)


What i've tried:

- Mailed BMW (Told me to bring it to a dealer)

- Reset of the car at the dealership(No changes, told me they knew about the problem but it was just on Android so they didn't care since everyone in Norway has IOS)

- Hard reset of the phone(No changes)

- Numerous guides that really just reinstalls the app(No changes)

- Called BMW again (New person told me Spotify was the problem without knowing any details)

- Searched my phone for some files(Found something i don't understand /attachment)



Someone who is tired of doing an unpaid job