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BMW Integration: Questions about technical background

BMW Integration: Questions about technical background


Hi there! 


First of all: I'm a BMW Technician wanting to use Spotify in my car really badly.


The problem now is: Support-Page and every other thread in here are saying, that Connecteddrive and Spotify only work together in the 2016 7-Series right now. 


From our point of view, this can't be correct. All BMWs from mid 2016 on use the same Navi-System (assuming we're talking about the Navi Prof. it is Headunit High NBT_Evo. ID5). And all this systems seem to work together with Spotify on Android as long as USB-Debugging is activated (We've tested it on a 1 and a 3-Series Mid 2016 car).


@ Spotify: Please comment, if this is intended and if yes add it to the Supportpage, please. 


And i also have another question: Are you still working on getting Spotify to work with older BMWs? Or should we no longer expect an update making the Connecteddrive-Integration available on BMW built prior to 2016? 


Many greetings!

7 Replies

Awesome question. I hope someone replies. I was so disappointed when I got an S7 and it wouldn't work in my 2016 3 series.


I can take a look in the Computer for you, if a firmware-update for your car could help, or if there are any other solutions. Please PM me your VIN and i can take a look. 


Hi all!, Anyone found a fix, patch or something?

Im on a Sony Xperia XZ Premium (Android ver 7.1.1) and a BMW 330e, both picked up July 2017, having the same integration issues as lots of others ; able to connect via bluetooth or Aux but have to use the phones interface for info and input. Usb connection: none.

@RuBi - Did you got any feedback from Spotify?



For some reason, mine started working a couple of weeks ago.  I have a 2017 spec 435d and a Samsung S7 edge.  I only noticed because the display in the car was different to usual and then I noticed it was connected to my Samsung, not my iPhone.  It's not as stable as the iPhone and does disappear every now and then, but it's deffinately there now.


could you do the same for me? i have a 2016 f20 and would like to have spotify working as well


How did you do it ? Connected it over usb first ? I have an S7 with Jun-2016 430d (with Pro. Nav System) so they should be probably the same as yours.


Probled solved!

Spotify BT integration: Xperia XZ Premium G8141 (8.0.0 build 47.1.A.12.75)  - BMW330e 2017

1. Enable developer mode:

system - about phone - build number - tap 7 times at "build number"

2. Set Bluetooth AVRCP to ver 1.5:

system - developer options - Bluetooth AVRCP Version - select "AVRCP 1.5"

3. Delete existing BT pairing and make a new one



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