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Bad Music quality

Bad Music quality

Hi all,


Since i've got a new device ithere are some problems with the quality of the music...

Sometimes my songs won't play normal. The songs will stuck and replay the same second over and over again for a few seconds or it stumbles for like 10 seconds.( Like in the past if the CD was scratched...) 

Did anyone had an similar issue? And how can i fix this?


(Premium-Account / Samsung S9) 





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Hey @chihirox_, thanks for posting here!

That's not cool! Let's get you back to your tunes. Could you try to reinstall the Spotify app with these steps? That should help here. If that didn't help, do you mind sending over your Spotify, OS and device versions? I'd love to take a closer look here.


Thanks, hope you're having a wonderful day! 🙂

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You might want to pop over to the Spotify preferences menu (Spotify > Preferences) and see what settings you have turned on under "Playback". If you have both Crossfade and Gapless playback turned on, try turning them both off temporarily. How does playback sound now?

Hi hughbetcha86


Thank you, for your advice.

Both were always turned off....


Hi Huib


I own a Samsung device... because of that, i can't give you any informations about OS...


But thanks!


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