Basic JS / CSS bugs


Basic JS / CSS bugs


Desktop app functionality regarding clicking on currently playing song for it to jump to that song marked in my playlist has been broken for probably 2 years now, ever since you retired the real client and switched to this crappy electron/js app.

Thers such obvious CSS/Js problems with it I'd be ashamed if I where a developer involved...

Also buggy on highlighted song when scrolling and the highlights remain on the same position or inbetween two tracks..  Sometimes I can't even scroll the playlist at all, some sort of crappy infinityscroll or something that keeps autoscrolling upwards while i activly try to scroll down.

currently some of these  (like i said OBVIOUS) bugs can only be resolved by restarting the application. orthers have just remained for years now - but should have taken 10minutes to fix if anybody cared. 


How about releasing a proper client again, preferrebly done by developers that know more than javascript - maybe even have a basic grasp of i dunno, computer science or a real programming language? thx bye.