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Bass dial missing on S10+

Bass dial missing on S10+

Plan: premium

Country: UK


Device: Samsung S10+

Operating System:


I've just upgraded my phone from a S8 to S10+. Then I noticed that the sound of my Spotify songs were different. When I checked the equaliser, I noticed that the bass/treble and instrument/vocal dials were missing. The Spotify I've downloaded is up to date.. I still installed and installed it again. I've restarted my phone.. but still nothing. 

Anyone else experiencing or came across this on their S10+?


Help please!


3 Replies

Hey @deeh4n,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this 🙂


Since the Spotify app for Android uses the device's equalizer settings, the settings can vary from device to device. This is most likely the reason your experience is different on the Samsung Galaxy S10+.


Just to make sure, do you mind doing the following:

  • perform a clean reinstall of the app (see step 4 in this article)
  • make sure that your Galaxy S10+ is not connected to any external devices?

Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

Hey Peter,


Thank you for the response.


I've done the uninstall/reinstall process several times, check that the app software is up to date and even restarted my phone but to no avail. My phone is also not connected to any external devices. 😞






Hey @deeh4n,


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


When you access your phone's equalizer from the phone's settings menu, do you see the same options as the ones that you see when you open the equalizer in Spotify?


If so, then this seems to be an issue related to your phone rather than to the Spotify app. The best thing to do would be to reach out to Samsung and to ask them whether this is intended or not.


Hope that helps! Let us know if there's anything else 😉

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