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Battery Drain

Battery Drain

I have a brand spanking new Galaxy S7, with a huge 3000mAh battery. I thought I'd listen to some music for 30 mins, to find my battery had drained by 12%, whist using the 'offline' feature (I'm a premium member).


Why is this app absolutely eating my mAh's quicker than a fat man wolfing a big mac? This is not on!


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Something definitely sounds wrong about that. I'm using a phone with a far smaller battery and have not encountered this issue.


Have you had a chance to go into Settings > Battery on your device and have a look at what percentage Spotify is sitting at?

Well i've reinstalled the Spotify app and that's sorted it for now... I'll update this thread again if it happens again.

So true!   I don't have a new phone (Samsung IV) but I have it plugged into the car battery.  Doesn't help.  Can only listen for about 45 min. before phone is dead.  

Hi, Spotify... This is brand new S7 (Exynos).

2016-09-09 14.36.40.png

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