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Battery Drain

Battery Drain



I've already posted a note on this problem, but it's a big one so I'm try again to have some answers from the developper community.

Why spotify eat my battery phone ? The App, even turned off and in offline mode, uses always 20 to 30 % of my battery, more than my display manager!

Even if I turn off my phone, the App still uses excessively the battery when I turn on the phone...

It's quite a big problem when you have to load twice a day the battery of your phone because of one App and you pay every month for this !


The new version of the App made the problem worse...


When it will be fixed?


I'm using a samsung GS smartphone.

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Same here. My HOX has a huge screen that drains battery like a duracell bunny on diet pills but the new update is draining even more than that.

I confirm that on my CyanogenMod 7 for Motorola Milestone, my battery gets drained really fast, even if the app is not launched. In fact, i found my phone with lower power than it should have at about midday today. Then i remembered that spotify has been updated, when its widget failed to load. Then i noticed that it gobbles even more power than the display.


It's a shame, because thenew layout of the apply was fine.


CM9 in GAlaxy Nexus and I can confirm the battery drain.

I just hope this is not an issue with only Cyanogen Mod, then...

By the way, previous version 0.4 worked fine.

I've not modded my phone so standard ICS. Looks like it's not Cyanogen related.

On my Galaxy S, I've noticed that the updated app seems to drain my battery too. Once the app has been started the widget seems to use quite a lot of CPU even when no music is playing. Looking at the processes in Android Assistant there are two Spotify process that are always using between 10 and 25% CPU between them.

I have an Inspire 4G running IceColdSandwhich 8.0 and Im having the same battery drain issues. 

I havent noticed any Battery Drain on HTC Desire HD. 


It usually lasts more than a day and it still does at the moment. 


You don't have much more than a day out of it tho. 


Same for me 😞

I think I've found the problem. Are you using the widget? After removing the widget my battery usage is much better.

SE X10 mini with MiniCM7 and I get less then half day out of a charge. Before last version of Sportify I had easily 2 days on a charge while using Spotify and listening to music for at least 3 hours during that period. Tend to forget about Sportify so the app is running even if I'm not listening to music. No issue before now it really drains the battery.


I'm not using the widget, will see if I get any additional time with the app not open or if it still uses battery.




I tried removing the widget but it didn't seem to make any difference. The processes were still running, using cpu time, with no music playing.

My battery drained pretty quick today - I wasn't actively using spotify (or doing anything with the phone at all) but it was in the backgound
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The Android app totally destroys my battery.  I am a premium subscriber and I only play downloaded streaming.  Is this a known issue that is being worked on?!  Not sure of my data usage either.  I would assume the data usage and battery drain issues are somehow linked?


Rooted Old School EVO 4G on Sprint

Running custom ROM MikG 3.11

Settings and Log Out every time you stop using Spotify.

Well the data consume is easy to fix make all songs available for offline use and then turn Spotify on offline. Thats pretty commonsense right there. As for the Battery drain yes i can confirm it. It is crazy. Running Stock ICS on the LG 4X HD and Spotify is sucking the battery suck dry in no time. Pretty bad. Doesnt seem to be a fx for that. Other then getting a extended battery.

My battery has gone from lasting 2-3 days to lasting less than one day because of Spotify. Please fix this as quickly as possible, as I don't want to stop using Spotify because a silly thing like this.


Oh, and I'm using an SE Xperia Arc with Gingerbread, if you should want to know.

I have a iphone 4 with IOS last update a have the same problem. With Spotify my bat drains 2/3x more faster than original music player

Also having this issue. Why does spotify keep running when you've stopped it

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