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Behind the lyrics

Behind the lyrics






Huawei g8

Operating System

Emui 4.0.2 and android 6.0.1


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I have been using spotify for a long time and I was using it free I had no problems everything was fine then the behind the lyrics update rolled out and it was cool then I upgraded to premium with my family coincidently as the newest update rolled out the one where the interface is changed it was all cool and all but I couldnt find any lyrics showing up like any drake songs that used to have behind the lyrics is now without it and like some recent songs like ariana grande's thank u next should have behind the lyrics I know this feature is not for all songs but I know for certain that its available on the songs I mentioned but for some issue it is not there I tried toggling behind the lyrics on and off a couple of times and I reinstalled a ton but nothing seems to work and please note that they used to work before the latest update and before I went premium so any assist would be appreciated and thanks in advance


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