Being redirected to the login screen


Being redirected to the login screen


When I try to login to Spotify app on my phone (Sony Xperia z5) I can't pass beyond the login screen. I login using Facebook, it redirects me to a page that says "you logged in previously using Facebook. Do you want to continue?" I click yes, it goes onto "logging in" screen but shortly after that with no error message, no nothing it kicks me back to the login screen. The same thing happens when I try to login using my email and password. 


I tried to reset my password, uninstall and reinstall Spotify (after clearing cache and data) but it didn't work. Any other thoughts? 





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Re: Being redirected to the login screen


Hey @P_Gastone, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue? Also, can you let us know what device, operating system, and version of Spotify you're using?


Can you try the steps here for us: They should help with this. 


Keep us posted :)