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Best practice for shared devices?

Best practice for shared devices?

Hi community

Recently got a family subscription and use it for individual acocunts for 2 parents & 2 kids. Was wondering what would be the best setup for our shared Android home tablet which is used mainly by the parents but is also available to guests (playing to kitchen speaker or living room Spotify Connect AVR).

I've setup multiple user accounts on the tablet, including a general purpose/guest one, and can of course switch login to each individually (at the moment my personal Spotify app is made available to the other users), but which is somewhat inconvenient. I'm thinking about creating a new family dummy email to attach the remaining Spotify account for general home use (no choice of course, the music libraries would remain individual...). This would mitigate the conflict of getting kicked out when I'm on the road listening in the car and someone starts to play music at home with the same account... any best pratice/advice out there? Thanks a lot for your two cents.

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