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Bluetooth Headphones stutter on an android device

Bluetooth Headphones stutter on an android device


 hello everyone, Ive been having this problem with my wh 1000xm2 stuttering only on the first seconds of playing it or when fowarding to a certian time of the song.  this only happens with my phone (Moto Z2 Force), my headphones and spotify. Ive tried reinstalling it, messing with the bluetooth settings and factory reseting my headphones. another note is both my phone and my headphones are hifi compatable and also disabled LDAC with no luck.

os android 8.0 oreo 

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Hey @vicvega1.


Could you send us the exact Spotify version you're rocking?


Are you able to use a different Bluetooth headset to see if it behaves the same? Also, you can try using a different Spotify account with the same phone and headphones to test this out. It can be either a Free or Premium account from a friend or family member.


Keep us posted.

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