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Bluetooth Safety Mode

Bluetooth Safety Mode


 Hello! I am having an issue and was hope this great community can help. So screenshot #2 shows how my spotify used to look when connected to my vehicle. I was able to rewind and fast forward songs. Screenshot #1 is how my spotify now looks and it will not allow me to rewind or fast forward song aka Safety Mode. This is frustrating. I reinstalled spotify,cleared the caches, went through troubleshooting protocols and still nothing. How can I get my old menu back? Can I roll back versions of spotify? Can I opt out of this testing? IT SUCKS. I am currently using Samsung Note 8 Andriod on a premium account.

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community,


Hope you are doing great!


Have you tried to sign out and sign back in?

Try to rename the bluetooth device as well to see if that helps.


Hope it helps 🙂

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