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Bluetooth Volume

Bluetooth Volume

This used to work flawlessly and is now a daily issue.


The app used to remember the last volume for each Bluetooth device. My headphones would change to a low volume when connected and the car would be max (I use the car manual control once connected).


Now the app does seemingly random things -- I get in the car, the volume is at like 75% when it connects, then some duration later it randomly drops and I have to crank it back up. Then I open the app and the volume drops to 50% for no reason, and again I crank it back up. Every single day. Then later in the day I connect with my headset and the volume is way too loud (and it isn't at max).


What would be better is for it to go back to how it was -- simply remember the volume I last used for each device. If it's a new device then set it to 50%.


Also: it resets the primary device speaker volume which I always have at 0. I never want my music to play out of my phone but now I have to consciously turn the device volume down every day.



Android 9

Pixel 2

Spotify Premium





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