Bluetooth and Spotify


Hello all.  I connect my HTC One S with the stock stereo system in my 2010 Mazda 3 via bluetooth, and I listen to music on Spotify in my car via that bluetooth connection.  Previous to this latest update, there were no issues with Spotify.  However, now whenever my phone reconnects with my car (i.e. upon starting my car, after I hang up a call that I am using my car's media system for, etc etc) Spotify starts playing music.  I will not have been listening to music prior to this, and Spotify will not be open on my device.  It may be running in the background, but it doesn't have to be in use currently for this to happen.  It seems as if Spotify recognizing that there is an open Bluetooth connection again on my phone triggers Spotify to start playing music again.


It is very frustrating.  Please help!!

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