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Bluetooth car controls suddenly not working.

Bluetooth car controls suddenly not working.

Hi all, 

I'm encountering this problem for the second time, whereby my in-car controls (on the steering wheel) suddenly, out of the blue , stop working. Volume toggle still works but the button to skip next track/previous track doesn't work. This happened about a month back (after an update) and then worked again (after the next update I think). So now it's happened again and after yet another update. Is it just a bug on Spotify's end that they'll iron out with another update? Or could it be from my side? Kinda annoyed this issue keeps cropping up! 

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Same problem and I cannot cast to my Google mini any longer. I can get it to play Spotify by telling it to, but not by casting to the speaker and controlling with my phone. The car control issue is a big problem. I pay for premium for the ability to skip songs anytime I wish. If I can't do that where I listen most then no reason to have it really.

I have the same problem with my car's bluetooth controls But it's worse;

- Smart watch controls don't work either

- Lock screen controls don't work

- Controls in the app don't work


There is, basically, no way to go to the previous or next song anymore, short of just selecting it from the playlist.

It would appear to be an issue with Android I think....


I have a Huawei watch 2 and up until a few weeks ago it was working fine then the issues stated started, unable to skip forward or back at all.


This morning I uninstalled all my Android wear apps to see if that fixed the issue and low and behold, it works. 


Clearly this is of no use to anyone with a smart watch...or potentially other Android device to link up with phone as it renders Spotify pretty useless unless you never skip a song.


Going to investigate further to see if there is a setting on watch/phone that will solve it!

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