Bluetooth volume too low from Galaxy S3

Bluetooth volume too low from Galaxy S3

Streaming music to car audio via BT,  very loud sound with CDs, FM, AM, USB stick on the car stereo,  about half that via BT from the phone.  Volume seems loud enough in headphones when connected to the phone.  All volumes for sound are at max on the phone. Any help, TIA

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@HeliusCron I moved your post to the android section. Could you just check in the app settings to see if the audio effects are enabled? If they are, try turning them off. Also android has a seperate volume control for BT which you can get to by hitting the volume up button.

Audio effects turned off,  All android volumes at max as stated before.  THe S3 on the volume key has no setting for a BT volume anywhere, not even in any other volume settimg on the phone.  Unless it can only be seen when actually connected to the car stereo?

Hmmmm.........when the phone is paired to the in-car, go to the BT device settings - does it show that Media audio is enabled?

I do now see the volume slider for 'media'  also has a BT symbol next to it when on BT.  It's all the way up.  I tested while on BT, and then using an Aux cable direct and direct  is way louder.  Maybe it's a limitation of the GS3s BT or maybe the Spotify app?

Not the app - it just uses the built in BT functionality but it could be something to do with the way your car audio handles BT streams. The only way to check would be to try outputting to a different BT device though.

I hear apps like Volume+ may work.  I will try, but it's also been said problably won't work on Non-rooted devices  😞

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I'm sorry to answer on such old topic, but I tried in my Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini Philips SHB 7000 (I use it normally on laptop) and today purchased Philips SHB8000 just for smartphone need as they are more reliable (I can put them to very little size) and sound is loud. Ensure that you have also max volume at your phone. And try to re-establish connection to your headphones. If no help, try another set!!!




I listen now Vanya (Ti-Mo Remix Edit) and these headphones are vibrating in my ears. Awesome bass :DDD




Thank you if you read this!!!

Solved for Galaxy S3 - Try unpairing from the Bluetooth device, not just disconnecting it.
 My Bluetooth speaker was playing too quietly even when I had the volume all the way up. Previously I had just disconnected and reconnected to the speaker but that didn't help. The solution was to go into Settings > Bluetooth > turn Bluetooth on > click the gear to the right of your Bluetooth device name > touch Unpair

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