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Both Android and Windows PC are giving me the same **STRESS**!

Both Android and Windows PC are giving me the same **STRESS**!


Plan Premium


Country UK



Samsung S7 and Windows Desktop

Operating System

(Android 8.0.0 and Windows 10 creator)


My Question or Issue


The last 2 weeks of spotify streaming has driven me to distraction with several issues, most are common to both Android and PC streaming. I really would appreciate some help in either rectifying them or a link to actual Spotify tech support ( which I can't find anywhere)



1. Play notification randomly disappears on Android

2. Random albums have appearred on my account which start playing automatically I open the app in both Android and PC..I have no option to delete them

3. When I force play one of my tracks away from said random album...shuffle and repeat track are on by default, I have to open the track to switch both off

4. On Android, I am constantly getting a "You are listening" pop up, telling me I am currently listening on a Firefox web browser...I don't have Firefox and I see no setting anywhere to disable this.

5. Tracks will suddenly stop in the middle of playing meaning I have to go back into the app to restart.


I have uninstalled the app twice from my Android phone but the issue persists

This is actually driving me insane and i'm close to closing my account. If you can help I would appreciate it





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