Bring back Car View


Bring back Car View

Casual Listener

"Pay full attention to the road" you say... ...but removing car view means you have to concentrate harder on the smaller interface. The logic is moronic.

Ever since You advertised "Car Thing" it has been gone.


What's even worse is you  still have official troubleshooting steps up for "Car View" when it's been discontinued. I am so angry with this change.


Just about ready to swap to swap to cancel my subscription and stick with YT Music instead.

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Hi @DeBiskop,


Thank you for sharing your post on the Community. 


We totally understand where you're coming from about these changes. Right now Spotify is exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience for our users. We're also retiring certain features like our in-car Now Playing View for Android, to make way for innovations coming down the track.


We don't have a timeframe for when new features will be implemented, but we can recommend you keep your app up to date to not miss any changes. 


Let us know if you have any questions.

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Casual Listener

Then why not leave the feature in until you have found an optimal new experience.

Or push out new experiences to people who want to opt in for beta release channel.


It has been months since this feature slowly started getting removed and you tried to goad us into buying "Car Thing" Car view was perfectly fine and my phone sits exactly where car thing would be. I don't need more things cluttering up my dash or more things being in a more awkward position to reach. 


Car Thing is not even available in NZ, not that I'd buy it.

What are the "variety of new ways" you speak of?


"recommend you keep your app up to date" You'll find that most modern phones auto-update on WiFi and to be honest your auto update is what cause the problem in the first place so maybe I shouldn't have updated it.


Your reply gives me nothing, no options, no hope.


The decision to remove Car view(a useful feature) is definition of stupidity.

Bring the feature back!!!



Embarrassing customer service.  This is no way to treat people who have been loyal users of your service.  Spotify was one of the few companies I didn't think was trying to take advantage of people but I was wrong.  Fix these issues or people will leave. 

Casual Listener

Let's talk with What hurts, everyone cancel there membership, the Will see the loss and bring it Back. For me, I will not renew my membership till car view or a same thing is Back on the app, and I bet the competitor Will love the New sub from yout **bleep** up. 


Please make Carview available again! The simple, the better!