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Bring back My Library Artists!


Bring back My Library Artists!


It seems impossible to create playlists or queue up songs without access to my saved songs in Artist view. The new update that removed it is absurd as most people I know scroll through their artist anytime they're listening to music or creating playlists. Please bring it back!


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Re: Bring back My Library Artists!

Spotify Legend

Hey @cmcrich2.


Thanks for getting in touch!


The Artists section will now show all the Artists you are following. If you'd like songs from an artist in one place, we recommend putting them into a playlist.


Alternatively, look for Spotify playlists called "This is Artist" or "Top Songs by Artist". If you are not happy with this change, leave your feedback on this page.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Re: Bring back My Library Artists!

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but songs you added via album to the library won't show in Playlist "songs you liked".. so I can only like songs OR albums now?