Browse all 900+ genres via web page of search terms


Browse all 900+ genres via web page of search terms

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- now working with genres that have a /



I've been enjoying another service instead of Spotify in anticipation of leaving due to the recent changes here, but the genre lists in the competitor's service is limited, as is the genre list in the Spotify app on the Android (not sure about iOS).  Then I remembered you can search for genres using Spotify's search terms, and there are A LOT of genres.  I don't know of any other service that offers genres which are as specific as what you can get here.


But I'm lazy and I don't want to type genre:whatever every time I want to guess if a genre exists and I don't want to have to keep looking up the genres available.  So I took the spreadsheet here:


and turned it into a clickable web page:


I loaded that page in my Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 (Android wi-fi device) which has Spotify running and tried several of the links.     They all took me to the Android's Spotify app and loaded the search results for the search I selected.  Seems to also work for the Windows desktop version. If a genre doesn't have any content, there isn't anything I can do about that. I am just using the list Spotify provided.


If you see something that doesn't work, assuming I didn't already mention it, please let me know.


I do not know if this works in the iOS device or in the mac or linux client.


As far as I know you can not start a radio station based on a genre. The page I linked will NOT fix that. It just makes it easier to find some artists and tracks in the many genres.  The results it returns are much smaller than the results you see if you search in the desktop app for the same genre.


If someone else has already figured all this out and posted a nice web page somewhere, please point me to it, after which I will cry for having spent time on this during a bad headache attack. lol


Dang you Spotify for making me try to find reasons to stay.  Argh!