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Browse new releases not working?

Browse new releases not working?

Hi all, I can browse all the other created playlists through the Android browse section but the 'new releases' section doesn't come up with anything - is this a universal problem? Thanks.
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i'd normally suggest logging out and back in but if you have a Facebook Connected Spotify Account we are currently investigating login issues with Facebook Spotify Accounts


I have the same behaviour on my Galaxy S4. Every browse category works except new releases.

Did logging out and back in sort it out?

Does logging out interfere with synced playlists?


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I noticed the same thing - I just get the loading symbol. Going back sometimes gives the error "Browse is not available offline". I'll escalate this to the Spotify staff.

Hey @Franko64 @Joe @Sheugel ! I've just reported this but it would really help out if you guys could mention your currently Spotify version number in this thread. 

Version here on android 4.3, Nexus 7. - Android 4.2.2 - Samsung Galaxy SII

Hey guys. Thanks for the version numbers. Is it possible for anyone to try on another network just to let us know what happens? 



I get the same thing over wifi and a fast mobile data link if that helps.

@jwylot wrote:

I get the same thing over wifi and a fast mobile data link if that helps.

Same for me. The other browse sections work flawlessly with wifi or mobile data, just new releases fails to load on both.

I'm in the same situation I'm on Vodafone using a s4 just tried deleting and then downloading the app again still no use.



Same problem here


Nexus 4

Andorid version 4.3

Spotify Version


Tries uninstalling and re installing, no change.


Let me know if you need any further info/testing





any news about that issue?

I do have the same problem on Samsung S4 (4.2.2) with Spotify


Only a few times I can open new releases tab.


Please fix




Still have this problem as my above post.
Why is there no interest from staff/admin/devs regarding this?
Poor really.

I am currently trialling spotify premium and Google music.
This is enough for me to decide which to go with when my trials end.
I look and listen to new releases daily, so this is a big issue for me

You must be in politics the way you distort the truth with statements like "Why is there no interest from staff/admin/devs regarding this".


A staff member posted in this thread and it is being looked into. Staff tend to post when they have news.

I apologise, looking back i assume the rank 'Community Manager' is staff then?

To be honest I'd expect upates from staff in this threadby now, its been nearly 4 weeks since the OP identified the problem.


Maybe my expectations are too high, but a premium product that people are paying out monthly for shouldnt really have issues such as this.

It's what i would expect from an app in Beta stages.


Just my 2p, and sorry if it offends

I have the same problem with all my Android devices:


Galaxy Nexus

Nexus 4

Nexus 7 (2012)

Nexus 7 (2013)

Nexus 7 LTE (2013)


All are running Android 4.3

Spotify app v0.6.6.270

Sorry for the radio silence on this, folks. As jwylot said, we tend to only post when we have something useful to add. If all goes to plan, this should be fixed with the next release of the Android app, although we don't have an official date on that yet (sorry to be vague!).


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Thx for bugfixing with the latest update


yes, many thanks for implementing the fix.

Much appreciated!

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