Bug @ Android app

Bug @ Android app

I haven't grown any more enthusiast from reading the topics and posts on this forum; I experienced an issue with the app crashing after each song I add to a playlist, offline or not, but now I see nobody even listens to us (customers)? Come on people, please make the 10 euros a month worth the money and fix the bugs in the app please!
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The Android-App have a lot of more bugs and need really more features...

I reorganized my Playlists on the PC today. From that moment on the android app keeps crashing after startup. This is really annoying. For 10€/month I can expect an app thats working!!! I thought the Simfy app is **bleep**ty...yes it is. But the spotify app is more crap than any other streaming app on android. Where's the problem? Rdio, Deezer an Napster are able to program nice looking apps with a lot of features that are WORKING!!! And why are there frequent updates to spotifys iPhone and WP7 apps? Does anyone at spotify know how many android users are out there? The latest update for android is dated from mid of november 2011!!! I really love 99% of spotify, and I'm interested to use it a long time, but please....Give us a new android app. I think not only me is getting a bit angry about that. Samsung Galaxy SII with Android 4.03 (no Custom Rom, official Samsung Firmware)

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