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(Bug) Spotify won't not shuffle

(Bug) Spotify won't not shuffle

I don't know how to say that better.
Trying to listen to a playlist with albums in track order an is the most frustrating thing in the world. It will not work. Shuffles every time no matter what. Shuffle is definitely toggled off. Restarted the device. I am not inept.
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You need a clear que button or make sure the list clears when a new song is selected (which is really annoying when you accidently click the song instead of the menu).

Ok. Now with shuffle selected, on a play list that is over 12 hrs long, spotify has decided to play 5 songs in a row of the same freaking album. It is probably the most popular album on the playlist. Hmmmm.

Are you a free user @C_Notch? If so, restrictions apply on mobile phones as explained here.

Premium. Maybe a Wi-Fi issue. Not sure. Gave up. Opted for silence and no sleep instead. It was easier. Thanks tho.

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