Bug with "Liked from radio"-lists and download over 2g/3g.


Bug with "Liked from radio"-lists and download over 2g/3g.

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So I've been using the radio a bit recently and noticed that the android app will download all the songs I add to "liked from radio" regardless of "download over 2g/3g" being turned on. I believe this is one of the reasons the radio is burning MBs like crazy even when the quality is set to normal. 


Going by the settings you'd think the app would not actually downlad the songs automatically when liking songs. If I say listen to 5 seconds of a song I already know and decide to like it in order to improve the station, I will end up downloading it as well. 


I don't mind the songs getting added to a list, but I'd like to download the list when I'm back on Wi-FI and I believe this was the intention when you set "download over 2g/3g" to "off".

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Re: Bug with "Liked from radio"-lists and download over 2g/3g.

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Hey there c3rb - thanks for your input.


First of all, may I apologise for my inactivity last time here.


I'm back in Spotify Community, turn on the playlist radio,
I really don't know why I laugh at all the time.
I'm here in Spotify Community, just try to let playlist radio flow,
Like in the local radio, I don't know what else you can do.
Is anybody here or out there,
Who wants some support with data usage in playlist radio?


So in other words Spotify is downloading songs in radio, even if you skip, it can download so much from song. This is why you get much more data usage. You can't offline playlist, artist or other radio channel in Spotify. Try to listen all tracks or add them to playlist and make it Offline. I'm sorry if you near limits in your mobile plan.


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