Buggy Spotify Connection


Buggy Spotify Connection

Casual Listener






Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & iPad 2

Operating System

Android 6.0.1 & iOS 9.3.5

Spotify version


My Question or Issue

Lately, I've noticed that Spotify seems slow to respond to my requests. Pressing the three-dot button in a song results in a time frame > 5 seconds and the green loading circle to display the contextual menu of "Save/Add to playlist/Add to queue" etc. I thought this was due to my slow 3G connection, but this seems to happen with WiFi too. This happens in both my android phone and iPad. Because turning the Offline mode on seems to alleviate this problem, my hypothesis is that the problem lies on the server side. I think this delay of response occurs because Spotify tries to establish a connection with the server (and verify the status of my premium account, perhaps?) every time I request the contextual menu. If these server issues are not viable to be fixed soon, I think that the options that do not require internet connection should be displayed IMMEDIATELY (because honestly, the queue-adding button is the only reason I started this topic in the first place) and the options that require internet should be grayed out until a proper connection has been stablished. In no way I should have to wait every single time for the entire online-options to load to use an offline function.


I'm not willing to leave the Offline mode permanently toggled to on because I like to play new music, which is the primary purpose of this app. A proper and smooth performance should be ensured.


Thank you very much in advance.