Bugs and stuff

Bugs and stuff

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but oh well.
I love spotify, its brilliant and rarely fault it. However lately I have been experiencing some annoying bugs which you're probably already aware of.

1. On the Android app, when listening to a track and you select add to playlist, the track will stop playing and the app will close. What makes this more annoying is that the app does not remember the track that was playing when it closed so you have to navigate back to it.

2. Occasionally songs will randomly stop mid way and skip to the next track. I think this happens on PC, phone and sonos. But mainly on sonos.

3. When playing tracks through the sonos system, spotify will sometimes pop up an error complaining of insufficient bandwidth. Despite having a good 30mb connection all to itself. This could easily be a problem with my router or sonos but I thought it was worth a mention as it trends to only have a problem with one song when it happens, when you skip the song it will stop complaining.

Anyway, thanks for a great product and keep up the good work improving and ironing put the problems.
Cheers, Paddy
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Hi there,


For 1 - download and install the preview app as this fixes this issue: Also head over to the Android forum where this is discussed in more details, and see the sticky thread about it at the top


For 2 and 3 - Spotify through Sonos is a Sonos responsibility. If you have issues log it with them - their support function is brilliant and they should be able to diagnose your problem and suggest some network tweaks if necessary.



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