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Can I move my local files?

Can I move my local files?

I want to have Spotify store offline music on my phone's (Galaxy SII) SD card. If I use this method can I copy that file over first, so I don't have to resynchronize everything over the course of the next five days?

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Did you manage to move the files to the external sdcard on your Galaxy S2? I tried this: with this path: /mnt/sdcard/external_sd but it doesn't work... Is it a wrong path??

Well, I've moved the files, but I haven't uninstaled and reinstalled Spotify yet, and pointed it at the new path. Kinda scared to.

Something you might have to bear in mind.


On the Galaxy S II, the "External SD Card" is actually the built in 16Gb of memory. 


If you are talking about using the removable microSD card, replace "/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/" with "/mnt/emmc/"


The cache will then be stored here....




If you copy everything from  /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/Android/data/


to the above path then set Spotify to look in /mnt/emmc/,  you will still have to re-sync, but instead of spotify having to re-download everything, it will find them in the cache at the new location and sync in seconds and you will be able to use your whole card.


IIRC I actually had to add some media files to the microSD before the S II would actuall see the card though.


I spent a lot of time very frustrated that my S II couldn't use my 32Gb microSD card until I done that

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