Can't Log In, stuck on "Logging In…"


Can't Log In, stuck on "Logging In…"




I'm on Android (stock) 5.0.2 on my Moto G (2nd Gen.) and I deleted cache in the Spotify app settings so as to remove the cache that was taking up space on my paltry 8GB storage on my device. After this, I went into Settings > Apps > and removed cache again for Spotify just in case it wasn't thorough. I noticed after this, Spotify logged me out and it was like a fresh install. So I try to log in and now I cannot as it is stuck on the little "Logging In..." green bar at the bottom. It always fails, and I don't believe I see any error message when it does eventually give up.


I'm trying to log in using my user name, not any facebook account as I do not have a facebook.


Can anyone please help me? Thanks!

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