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Can't add songs to playlists since last update... Please help

Can't add songs to playlists since last update... Please help

I try to do like I always do to add a song to a playlist, press the three little dots button, press add to playlist, but when I press this it just closes the menu instead of showing me all my playlists like usual. I tried restarting the app, tried with multiple different songs, still can't add anything to a playlist... I'm on Android, btw! Any help is appreciated.
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Try reinstalling the app, if that doesnt do anything let me know. 


I have the same problem since last update. This is due to a blue light filter that i have running in the background, twilight. Such a shame, cause this filter is very useful. I hope a fix will be delivered. This happens only on tablet.

Yes, I have same problem since last update - and it's also due to my blue-light filter, which I've been using for four+ years, and never before had this problem with Spotify or any other apps - sometimes had to disable just to install apps, but not since marshmallow (android v6).
This is a newly introduced BUG and needs to be fixed asap!
I'm installing an apk download of previous version. Very irritating.

Galaxy s7 edge running android 6

Good idea, I'll install a previous version as well.
It's obvious it's related to the blue light filter. I'm using it as well since a long time ~2 years. Never had problems since.

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