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Can't change settings in app

Can't change settings in app

Hello guys, please help i buy new phone, i have installed Spotify app, but in setting is almost every option grey and i can't change anything. It seem blocked somehow, but i dont know where to look. On previous phone was everything OK.

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I just got the Pixel XL and am having the same issue, if anyone can update!

So my issue was i was connected to a external device and using it to play music, once i switched it back to my phone speakers i could change all settings!! 

Same exact thing happening to me too. I have a pixel XL and when I connect to my chromecast and select a song in my playlist, instead of going to the next song, it goes to the first song in the playlist. It's really annoying. And I notice I can change anything on settings because most of it is greyed out. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it's not working. Please note I have successful payments to Spotify for the past year so it's not a payment problem.

It’s not possible to adjust audio settings while Spotify Connect is active.

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