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Can't change volume when casting to Chromecast and Spotify is in foreground

Can't change volume when casting to Chromecast and Spotify is in foreground

I'm using a Nexus 6P playing from Spotify to a Chromecast Audio device (optical out to a DAC/preamp). Everything works great but I can't change the volume when Spotify the foreground app (not in background/recents). 


When I press the phone's Volume Up/Down buttons, I get the popover volume slider with name of device and the slider moves, but it doesn't actually change the volume. 


Slider moves but sound level doesn't change.Slider moves but sound level doesn't change.

I have to switch to another app or go to the home screen, then the volume buttons will work (and display the system volume gauge at the top). 



Volume buttons work when Spotify is in the background.Volume buttons work when Spotify is in the background.

UPDATE: I did some more testing and it does work when I use the analog stereo output and with my other Chromecast which is a standard 2nd gen Chromecast (not just Audio). So this seems  be a problem with Chromecast Audio when using optical out. 






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Well, not sure what changed, but now the volume buttons do work when Spotify is in the foreground. 


I'll report back if it happens again, but maybe Spotify was just in a funky state.

It's happening again. Killing Spotify on Android and restarting it doesn't seem to help. Can only change volume *outside* of Spotify. Weird! 



When audio is sent using the optical cable it is possible that you are not able to control the volume at all. This is true for other devices that act as digital audio sources that I have used in the past.

I have the exact opposite problem. I used to be able to change the spotify volume when the app was in the background but now for some reason I can only change it with the app in the foreground. It's really annoying since I wanna be able to change the volume when in other apps as well. I just stopped working suddenly.

This happened to me, as well. Really annoying! Can't find a fix, either.

I have the same problem too. I would say this is happening since last Android or Spotify update. Couldn't find any solution 😞

I get a similar problem. When launched on a phone and casted to Chromecast Audio I get the ability to change the volume but after a while when I switch apps back and forth (mind you the Spotify app still runs in the background and has an active notification) I lose this ability. Changing volume in oroutside of the app simply triggers the system notification volume overlay that doesn't have the cast option. 😞

Same here. After a couple of songs, adjusting he volume of the Chromecast stream is not possible anymore. Killing Spotify and reopening it solves the problem, but only for a couple of minutes. This is really annoying...

Since latest spotify update (today I think), I can no longer control volume when casting to my chromecast audio from my up-to-date android phone. Neither with spotify in background or foreground. Using volume buttons change my ringtone volume. In the extended volume controls there is also no bar for the chromecast.
When playing spotify on my phone without casting, volume controls work as expected.
Very annoying, having to walk over to my speaker to control volume...
Update: setting up my chrome cast again using the google home app solved it. Probably spotify was not the issue.

Had the same problem. Uninstalled ChromCast "Home" and reinstalled it. Worked. 
I'm always amazed by how fragmentated all software updates are today. Then again, that's what you get with Android. All devices anywhere all time, like Windows on PC, but it's never really streamlined.

I am getting this with the Google home regularly. Restarting Spotify fixes it. It also fixes issues where the app doesn't see the cast device at all.

Uninstalling 'Home' fixes it temporarily, just as simply restarting the app. My bets are on the buggy Chromecast/Spotify connect implementation on Android because when my Android phone loses volume controls I can grab my iPad and control it from there. I have absolutely no issues streaming all sorts of things to Chromecast Audio - Play Music (web/app), Soundcloud (web/app), Mixcloud (web/app), Chrome tabs etc. etc. But it's only the Spotify that's glitchy AF. And since I'm having other connectivity issues with it, I think it's their fault really.

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