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Can't choose where to save my music

Can't choose where to save my music






Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Android 8.0


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I always had my music files in my SD card, but now I can't even choose where I want to save my files. Everything is set by default in my internal storage, in which I don't have more space. What can I do? 

This happened 1 hour ago, my whole music started to download again (because they were in my SD Card and now they are in my internal storage). My SD is still working OK. Thanks in advance for any help!



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Ive had the same issue.  I have it all saved to my sd card and the app glitches, loses all my downloaded songs, and defaults back to the internal storage.  No other app I use that utilizes my sd card has given me trouble either.

This has happened to me maybe a half dozen times

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