Can't delete a folder in nexus 5 android 5.0.1

Can't delete a folder in nexus 5 android 5.0.1


I have a folder called Rap por descubrir in my nexus 5.

but i can't delete it using spotify for android.

I open spotify from my windows pc machine and the folder does not appear.

i go back to my cellphone and the folder appears there.i have one day trying to get rid of that folder

i logoff and login and nothing was solved

i don't want to uninstall spotify app on nexus because i think it will delete my offline music.and i don't want to re-download everything again.

can somebody help me to delete this folder?


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I had thi issue, seems Folder support is somewhat lacking in the Android app and it retains the folder in the cache.



I'm afraid to say the only way I found to get rid of it was by clearing the cache. Sorry.

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