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Can't filter view saved songs by artists/search saved songs in new interface

Can't filter view saved songs by artists/search saved songs in new interface






Asus Zenfone 4

Operating System

Android 7.1.1 - Nougat


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Two days ago (April 30th), apparently my Spotify autoupdate to a new version (currently, or simply a new interface. It seems like this new navigation prioritizes playlists instead of discovery, which would be fine. However, it has become basically impossible for me to locate specific songs or filter the view by artists. Whereas before, I simply needed to open an artist's page in my library to see all of their saved songs, or scroll down at the top of the page to open up the search field and locate saved songs, now, neither of these options are available. I get a "You're offline" message when I open the artist's pages, and the search field simply doesn't appear.
Basically, I'm back to the basic experience again, only being able listen to random saved songs offline, not being able to choose between them.
Furthermore, none of the people I asked had this new interface, so no one could really help me with.

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Unfortunately, the screenshots are in portuguese, because I can't even find the option to change the language anymore.
But even then, it is clear in the file "spotify-1" how different my library looks from previous versions. In "spotify-2" you can see the artists I actually do follow and have their songs saved in my phone, and in "spotify-3" it shows what I get after selecting the artist. Not their saved songs, but their official page, which won't even show if I'm offline.


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