Can't find controls for playback


Can't find controls for playback

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I've installed the new Spotify app on my 7" Android tablet for use in my car but I can't use it because I can't find the standard controls (play, pause, skip forward, skip back).  When I click on a song in a playlist it begins playing, and I can cause some other song to start playing instead by clicking on it, but that's all the control I have.


Please help

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There should be a small bar on the bottom of your device that shows the album cover, song, artist and play/pause bottom. If you touch that bar on the bottom it will show more standard controls (skip foward/back, queue, shuffle, repeat, ect.)

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OK, now I see the bar and it works the way you say it should.  I could swear it wasn't visible when I wrote earlier, but I did a reboot in the meantime.  If I see the problem again I'll do some experiments and report back.


Thank you!

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There does appear to be an issue that makes the playing bar vanish, I've seen a few reports floating around.

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indeed there has, I've had the same problem. Forcing the notification player to appear by minimizing the app, and then reopening by tapping the notification player does seem to bring back the controls in the main app