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Can´t find friends....

Can´t find friends....

Hey Folks!

I cannot see any of my Facebook friends, error says, that none of my friends uses Spotify, but that is

not true.... many of my friends do use spotify ^^

The same thing happens with my Windows Laptop. Even if i enter a friends name directly, it wont show/find it.


Can you help pleaaaaase?

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Hi there @bahiano-de,

there are a few ways how you can find your friends on Spotify:

- Over Facebook: for that your Spotify account have to be connected with your Facebook one.


- Over your friends Spotify username: if you know the username of your friend's Spotify, you can type into the search bar of Spotify this: spotify:user:"username" (like yours for example: spotify:user:bahiano-de)

  !This is only possible if your friends have created their accounts not over their facebook!


Please ask me for further questions if you have one. I'm sure we can clear yours!


Have a good one!


This is all that comes up for me?
Loads of friends on Spotify but can't find any of them?
Tried logging out/in, nothing...
Logged in through Facebook, nothing...

hi @fb747,

pls check this link. If there is nothing displayed on "apps" then you are not connected with Spotify.

Let me know if there are still problems!


Keep It Up!


I signed up with Facebook and I know my friends have Spotify but it won't find them - it always says "sorry, couldn't load friends to follow". I can search for them individually however but I would like to know who has accounts.

I have the same problem... Didn't find anything to do about it yet 😞

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