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Can't get to my playlists

Can't get to my playlists

Howdy.  Using Spotify Free on a Samsung tablet.  I can log in, listen to music, add songs to my playlist, etc.


However, I can no longer access my playlist:

- Press "My Library"

- Press "Playlists"

I see my playlist briefly populated as a list, but before you can select a playlist, they disappear and it goes automatically to "Discover Weekly".


That's all that I can do suddenly - is this a known issue?

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It's ONLY me with this problem?

Heya! That's weird. Have you tried restarting your device already? If you have, can you check if you have the most updated versions for the app and your Android?

Restarted AND totally deleted and reinstalled the app!


Problem persists.

Okay. Could you try restarting your internet router? If that doesn"t fix the issue, will connecting to a different network do the trick?

I've tried all suggestions except trying a different network; will try brining it to work and see if that does anything different.


Router restarted, tablet restarted, program totally deleted and reinstalled, no change to issue.

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