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Can't go offline


Can't go offline

I bought a new phone, but when I downloaded spotify I got a message telling me I can't go offline because I already had too many devices connected. Okay, so I went to my account and deleted all devices so I could leave just the two I need (windows and android). The thing is I can't connect the devices. When I go to settings it says is currently unavailable. And there's no option anywhere to sync the devices. I need some help here. How do I sync my android? (seriosly, I already gave up on my windows, I just need my android working).






Samsung J2 Pro

Operating System

Android 7.1.1


My Question or Issue

 How do I get my offline mode to work on my android? How do I sync it?


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Hey @JadeFer, welcome to the Community!


After clearing your offline devices, you just need to follow these steps to sync your devices for offlien listening.


Hope that helps 🙂



As you are an Android user and also a Samsung user (as I can see) you can try the bellow steps and please let me know if that works.

From the home page, scroll down so you see your nottifications, etc, then scroll down again, there are 3 buttons order, tap it, and find the button order, you will see your available buttons right now, bellow you are going to see the Spotify's logo showing <<Offline mode>>, tap this maybe it work.

If not, try restarting your device.

As I said, please let me know if it worked.


I restarted the app and it worked so thank you for your help 🙂

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