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Can't pause when connected to a car

Can't pause when connected to a car


Free until I fix the issue





Operating System

Android 9

Spotify version


My Question or Issue

Spotify won't stop playing when connected to the car stereo via bluetooth (Ford Focus 2009 Sony CD player, the newer one).


1) When i hit pause, it pauses for 0.5 secs and resumes. Rarely for longer, but resumes anyway.

2) If I force-close the app, it will reopen and reconnect again in a few dozen seconds with the same issue.

3) If pausing via a notification tray or Waze, it often won't even register that I hit the pause button.

4) Voice nagivation alerts or phone work fine, it's just Spotify not being able to pause. Which is extremely annoying, so I have to disconnect BT in order to have it stop playing.

5) Opening Spotify and/or Waze prior to turning on the engine doesn't help.

6) There is probably no way to pause via car controls. At least I haven't figured out how. Other car controls work, e.g. volume or next track.


Is there any way to fix this? Otherwise, I'll just have to uninstall it as it's unusable. 😞


Thank you!

3 Replies

No idea about any possible fix for this? 😞

I'm having the exact same issue with my dad's Ford focus 2009 Sony sound system. It happens on both android and Apple devices, only the pause lasts about 4 seconds. If you managed to fix it, please let me know.


Ahoj 😊

I think the problem is in the stereo itself, not Spotify. The same thing happens with YouTube Music and other services. A found a workaround though: Instead of pausing, press the green phone button on your stereo (Call). Then, to resume, click the button that toggles the audio input just once (forgot what it says but I think the upper left one, where you toggle through Bluetooth, cable etc.). It will reconnect to music and resume. 😊

Hope this helps.

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