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Can't play a certain song...starting to **bleep** me off

Can't play a certain song...starting to **bleep** me off

Okey so i have one... ONE song that cant be played i dont have a problem with any other song and its bugging me. (on my Android Phone) 


The song is Alvaro Soler - La cintura and i have been able to listen to it before. 


Is the song broken or is it my Phone that is **bleep**ed? 




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Hi @madchildeLITE, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Could you let us know what Spotify version and operating system you're using? Also, can you send us the URI of the song? Just right-click the track > Share > Copy Spotify URI.


If the song is not showing greyed out, we'd recommend a clean reinstall. You can do it by following the steps at


Take care 🙂

Im using version armv7


I use my Phone Sony Xperia xz premium





Did a clean install and The song wont play 😞

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