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"Spotify Connect" doesn't work anymore

"Spotify Connect" doesn't work anymore






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Spotify Connect stopped working and doesn't find my speakers anymore

Workaround since months

Even though it doesn't feel right, it seems i found a workaround.

 Here is what i had to do in order to be able reaching the wifi speakers with spotify connect no matter which account is used:



1. Having a computer with spotify installed

2. Having the problematic android phone

3. Being connected to the wifi where the speakers are connected as well with both devices



4. At the android phone switch to the options and deactivate "show local devices only"

5. At the computer login to spotify with that account, with which the problem of not being able to reach the speakers over the spotify android app exists

6. After being logged into spotify you see the speakers and are able to choose them to play the music

7. Choose each speaker at least one time and play music there

8. Login to spotify at the problematic android phone as well

9. You should now be able to choose the speakers there as well

10. Now do whatever you like to do



11. As soon as you activate "show local devices only" at the android phone you'll have to repeat the process since the speakers will disappear again.


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