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Can't play any song by certain artist

Can't play any song by certain artist


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Galaxy S20 and Windows

Operating System

Android, Windows 10/11


My Question or Issue

This issue has been going on for a very long time - a few years now. I've only now decided to bring it up as a problem because I just want it resolved now.


So, whenever I try to play any song by the Geto Boys, it won't start any of the tracks at all.

I have reinstalled the apps on every platform over the years, changed phones/new PC's, have had completely fresh installs of windows etc and it won't let me play their songs. I have seen other tickets of a similar issue saying to go to the artist's page that is having this issue and make sure they aren't blocked, but they are not. 

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and if by magic the issue has just been resolved lol, that was quick

thank you whoever fixed that 

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