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Can't play local files on Android phone

Can't play local files on Android phone

So basically I put my local files onto my Spotify playlist (the playlist is already downloaded on my phone) on my laptop, with both my phone (which is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, if that helps) and my laptop on the same Wi-Fi connection as was required. The only problem however is that when I tried playing the songs on my phone, they were greyed out and I was unable to play them, even though I did the exact same thing about a month or two ago and it worked perfectly. Please help. I also had my the app on both my phone and laptop open at the same time while doing this, as I have read similar questions and the replies were reccomending this, but this still wouldn't work. Please help. Is there something Spotify has changed within the last month that now prevents local files from working on your phone or something?

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