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Can't play particular songs because they are not available

Can't play particular songs because they are not available

I have been using Spotify on my laptop and Android phone for a little while now and there seems to be a problem in playing songs on my phone. Some songs that I tried to find on my laptop weren't be able to download, only to add to one of my playlists instead. However I still can play these songs on my laptop (in my playlists only), my phone doesn't recognize these songs whereby I cannot play these songs on my phone. Who can help me? Thanks

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community! Let's see what we can do here ;D


Before starting with any questions, let's start with something simple. Have you tried reinstalling Spotify?


Have a nice day!

Yes I already tried that, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe if I add a screenshot, it will clear things up a little bit, I know it sounds pretty vague. I attached a file where you can find 2 screensamples of my laptop (first one) and my phone (second one). As you can see in the first screenshot it only concerns about the track without the 'v' mark at the front. I cannot download these tracks, however I can add them to one of my playlists and even play them on my laptop. The second screen of my phone shows some tracks that don't light up as much as the others do. These are exactly the same tracks as I reffered to. The problem is that I can play them on my laptop, but not on my phone though due the fact that I get the error "track is not available".

I have the same problem with "grace" by Kate havnevik and "faithful" by Shawn chrystopher

I really don't know why the song grace won't play. I can play every other song from her "you" album except the only one that I want.

Hey @jellevandereerd, those look like local files which aren't available on spotify. Follow the instructions here to download them to your mobile.

Hey @MikeFresh I'm not sure why you think you have the same problem. As far as I can tell, Grace is on the album Melankton and not on You. No idea about Faithfull but not all music is available on Spotify as explained here.

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