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Can't play tracks with greyed out artist/album

Can't play tracks with greyed out artist/album

I have the premium sub...


I created some playlists with the desktop app and all the tracks play fine, but on the mobile (android) app some won't play. This only seems to apply to tracks that have a greyed out artist and/or album. In some instances I was able to find a different version of the song where nothing was greyed out and it worked fine on the mobile app.

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Greyed out information are tracks that are unable to be played. Are these tracks local files on your desktop at all?
Airhorn Enthusiast

I cant even see the tracks I added on my playlist. I added them on my computer and can play them there without any problem. But I cant see them on my phone...

Jossi - I've replied to your other thread - No need to post elsewhere 🙂
Airhorn Enthusiast

i saw that but just told me to read this thread and it didnt help me. 😉

OK I checked and they are local (music note icon means its local right?).


Why would some of my local tracks be unplayable on mobile (plays fine on desktop app)? I own them so I assume it is not a rights issue, maybe file format? Also why would local tracks have artist and/or album greyed out?

If the track is not part of the spotify library and you have it in a playlist on your pc as a local file then you need to sync that playlist from your pc over wifi. Downloading it or just streaming it otherwise will not be able to play that track.

If you've done that it might be a file format issue - what is it?
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

I actually haven't tried streaming the playlists yet. This issue is occuring with them downloaded over wifi.


You mention that I need to sync the playlist, is that different from downloading? I didn't see a "sync" option.


As for the file format, that could be the issue I suppose. Does this mean that the artist and/or album being greyed out is just a coincidence though? Also does this mean that spotify can't convert tracks?

Yeah sync = download.

Spotify doesn't covert tracks. What format are yours?
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

I registered for the premium service, but my android won't recognise the service as Premium and all of the tracks are greyed out in my playlist and says i need to upgrade to Premium to play the tracks. I have a confirmation e-mail that my service is Premium, so have no idea what to do. I have a 12 hour drive today, it is going to be very boring without music.

Hi salvo1989 - I believe you're experiencing the same issue as these users:


Please get in touch via our contact form. Our payments team can help with your subscription via email. 

Im having the same problem too

salvo1989 & SophieMoss - Everything should be working for both of you now. How does it work after you log out/ log in again?

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