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Can't save on SD Card

Can't save on SD Card






Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

I am not able to save my downloaded songs to a SD Card for more than a couple of minutes.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling spotify a couple times, and everytime there's the setting "Storage" (or something close to that, i don't use Spotify in English), where i can change from internal storage to my SD Card. But that only works for a couple minutes. After some time it disappears and Spotify just acts as if i dont have an SD Card connected. My phone recognizes my SD Card though, it's only Spotify what seems to have a problem with it. The weird thing, which i dont understand is, that my SD Card gets recognized after un- and reinstalling the App, but after a short period of time, only the internal storage is shown and the option to switch from Internal Storage to SD Card just disappears.


I would appreciate if anybody could give me some input on that...

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for the help!


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I have this exact issue. 

SD card is able to be recognized by other apps, for example, my Netflix offline downloads are stored there, photos, etc., but not spotify. 

If I unmount and remount the sd card, it works for a time, then switches to internal storage and the SD card is no longer an option for storage.

Using a Galaxy Tab A and new SD card.

Any help anyone!?!

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