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Can't share songs to Instagram Story

Can't share songs to Instagram Story






(Samsung Galaxy 9+)

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Android Pie

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I can't share songs on Instagram Story. The Instagram Story option doesn't even appear on the list when I choose to share a song. 


I first encountered this irritation a year ago and tried to fix it immediately after. I've read quite a number of threads on this site concerned this problem, and I've tried many of the solutions suggested: I logged out and relogged in from, and deleted both the Instagram and Spotify apps. The result is, admittedly, disappointing, especially when a year has passed and there is still no progress.


Someone says on a thread that it might be a bug, and Spotify is currently trying to fix it. So, I decided to wait and see, while my eyes were going green with jealousy every time I tapped through my friends' Instagram Story.


All in all, I would like to ask the community, if there're any solutions I have yet to try, or if there is a deadline to this bug-fixing thing. 


Thank you in advance for any reply! 


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First month paying full premium and the share option i use the most just disappears overnight. Very disappointing. It appears it has happened to people before. I do wonder if it's due to upgrades to Insta too. Let's hope it's resolved soon







I have the same problem and the same device. 

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